Thickness: 1.2-1.4MM

Average Size: 48 sq. ft.

Availability: In Line - 30 days delivery

Fargo is a full aniline distressed leather with an excellent soft hand and drape. Utilizing the most progressive methods available, Mima adheres to an entirely non-polluting system, where our tanneries follow the strictest guidelines to ensure minimal waste, high quality and a product that is environmentally sound. Fargo has a beautiful aged distressed look due to the waxes and oils applied during the finishing process. It scratches and marks easily but in time will rub out. The pull-up characteristics of this leather will also provide contrast in both luster and color. When upholstered, Fargo is designed so that it will give any piece an authentic aged look. Fargo has a protective clear coat that provides additional protection for excellent wear ability.



Performance Characteristics

AATCC Method 16
Option E Light FastnessClass 4–5 (72 hours)

ASTM D - 6182
Bally Flexing Crack Resistance50,000 cycles

ASTM D – 2208
Breaking Force150 lbs

ASTM D – 4705
Stitch Tear25 lbs

IUF 450
Veslic Rubbing Abrasion     Class 4 (Dry rub)
Resistance      Class 2-3 (Wet rub)


Flame Resistance

California TB 117E

Boston Fire Codes BFD – IX -1
Complies (with flame treatments)

NFPA – 260 Cigarette Ignition
Class 1

ASTM E84 Surface Burning Characteristics
Class 1 (with flame treatment)