Thickness: 1.2-1.4MM

Average Size: 53 sq. ft.

Availability: In Line - 30 days delivery

Romanza is a full aniline hand antiqued leather which provides any piece with a sophisticated antique look. Utilizing the most progressive methods available, Mima adheres to an entirely non-polluting system, where our tanneries follow the strictest guidelines to ensure minimal waste, high quality and a product that is environmentally sound. Romanza is a top grain naturally pebbled leather that has been hand stained by a combination of subtle oils and waxes, followed by a protective topcoat to give it excellent wear ability. It is then hot ironed to give it an added hand and a see through look reminiscent of the old English Bridle leathers. Once upholstered, the beauty and workmanship of this leather is amplified and brought to life, by giving any piece a natural transparent antique effect.



Performance Characteristics

AATCC Method 16
Option E Light FastnessClass 4–5 (72 hours)

ASTM D - 6182
Bally Flexing Crack Resistance50,000 cycles

ASTM D – 2208
Breaking Force150 lbs

ASTM D – 4705
Stitch Tear25 lbs

IUF 450
Veslic Rubbing Abrasion      Class 4 (Dry rub)
Resistance      Class 2-3 (Wet rub)


Flame Resistance

California TB 117E

Boston Fire Codes BFD – IX -1
Complies (with flame treatments)

NFPA – 260 Cigarette Ignition
Class 1

ASTM E84 Surface Burning Characteristics
Class 1 (with flame treatment)